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Horizontal Hot Water Boiler Header Related Information

  • Firetube Boilers - National Board of Boiler and Pressure

    This will vary with the size and complexity of the boiler. A means of adding water to the boiler while under pressure (PG-61.4). (There is no reference to a low-water fuel cutoff in ASME BPV Code Section I, but some installations may use such a device.) Each ASME BPV Code Section IV hot water boiler must have: A pressure or altitude gage (HG-611).Learn More

  • RBI Boilers - Thermal Tech

    RBI provides the most complete line of finned copper tube boilers and water heaters available today. RBI boiler models are available to fit any commercial application, from atmospheric to fan-assisted sealed combustion in a wide 100,000 to 4,000,000 BTU capacity range. RBI All Products Brochure.Learn More

  • Boiler Venting & Accessories | Rinnai

    The kit can be mounted vertically or horizontally for a fast and simple installation in both Rinnai condensing boilers and tankless water heaters. A clear capsule ensures ideal timing for replacement of the media to keep units operating at peak performance. NOTE: Accessory not included; talk to your Rinnai PRO to add to your system.Learn More


    ˜red condensing boilers, domestic hot water generators and the well-established Mikro˜ll Electronic Filling Device. Ethos, Inspi red E˚ciency… Ethos, the latest creation by Mikro˜ll, consists of a revolutionary range of wall-mounted gas ˜red condensing boilers, which o˚er individual outputs up to 130 KW and multiple outputs up to 780 KW.Learn More

  • header widths — Heating Help: The Wall

    In your diagram above, the header is the horizontal pipe that the steam supplies tie into. So you are going from a header with a single steam supply to a new boiler with both steam supplies utilized. 1 pipe Peerless 63-03L in Cedar Grove, NJ, coal > oil > NGLearn More

  • Phantom "EZ" Accessories | Velocity Boiler Works

    The factory-designed "EZ Loop" Low Loss Header is a piping solution that helps contractors to complete the job with speed and accuracy, saving time and money. The "EZ" Combi-Kit includes a mixing valve, plate heat exchanger and the EZ Loop Low Loss Header, providing a simple way to add domestic hot water …Learn More

  • GWH | A. O. Smith

    The burners shall be a premix design and be constructed of high temperature stainless steel and fire on a horizontal plane. The hot water supply boiler shall be constructed with a heavy gauge galvanized steel jacket assembly, primed and pre-painted on both sides with a minimum dry film thickness of 0.70 mils.Learn More

  • RBI Water Heaters

    Futera II Series hot water supply boilers provide dependable boiler performance with 85% efficiency levels, alongside industry-leading NOx levels of less than 10 ppm. With sizing that ranges from 500 to 1,950 MBH, the Futera II provides a high concentration of BTUs in a small footprint, …Learn More

  • SterlingHVAC

    Horizontal. The HS Series horizontal unit heaters feature copper coils with aluminum fins and totally enclosed motors in both serpentine (for low clearance areas) and header types for central boiler system applications. Sales Literature Technical LiteratureLearn More

  • What is a low loss header? - Hamworthy Heating

    The header should be sized so that the pressure loss at full flow is small. All secondary circuit flows and the flow from the boilers should normally be at the top, or one end of the header. All secondary circuit returns and the return to the boilers should be at the bottom, or other end of the header.Learn More

  • Copper Cylinders, Hot Water Cylinders and Thermal Stores

    Hot water cylinders for boats can be manufactured in either vertical or horizontal format and factory insulated. Marine cylinders (also known as Calorifiers) can be supplied with single or twin coils where dual heat sources such as engine and solid fuel or gas boiler are available.Learn More

  • Domestic Hot Water Boilers

    The boiler's copper fin tube heat exchanger shall be a horizontal, double row, two pass, 15-tube design. The lower first pass with 8 solid copper tubes, shall have integral extruded copper fins spaced at "5" fins per inch, the upper second pass with 7 solid copper tubes shall have "7" extruded copper …Learn More

  • Gravity Hot water pipes cold from boiler - blocked pipes

    Feb 12, 2013 · With hot water only called (CH pump off - gravity hot water) the boiler runs for a few minutes starts to fizzle, then cools down. Checking the pipework from the boiler: CH flow pipe soon gets hot. CH return gets warm HW return gets warm HW flow stays cold I've tried flushing throught the boiler, both from header tank and mains pressure on drain Learn More

  • Low Loss Headers: The Complete Guide by Heat Geek Experts

    Oct 23, 2019 · Thou shalt avoid horizontal headers. Horizontal Low loss headers are just as they sound. A low loss header turned on its side. They are great for saving room and often come with commercial boiler installation packs. However, it lacks the ability to separate air and dirt as efficiently.Learn More

  • Superheater in boiler - Horizontal boiler

    A boiler generates steam/hot water via the optimized combustion of fuels (coal, gas & oil, biomass, etc.). One of the critical components of pressure parts is the superheater. A superheater is basically a heat exchanger in which heat is transferred from furnace gas to steam.Learn More

  • McDonnell & Miller

    the probe control in a header or riser pipe above the boiler. Refer to the Typical Installation Diagrams below. Probe Control Riser Pipe Hot Water Boiler Tee Fitting Horizontal in Header Pipe Probe Riser Control Pipe Hot Water Boiler Header Pipe Tee Fitting Pipe Elbow Horizontal in Boiler Side Probe Control Minimum Safe Water Level (May vary by Learn More

  • Hot Water Cylinders | Indirect & Direct Cylinders | Wolseley

    Heated water is run through coils within the hot water cylinder that transfer the heat to the stored water. Usually, this means that they are connected to a boiler, although indirect hot water cylinders are also used in green heating installations such as solar thermal heating or ground source heat pumps.Learn More

  • Commercial Gas Boilers - Hot Water

    The microprocessor shall control the boiler temperature and be accurate to within plus or minus 1°F. The hot surface ignition system shall employ a separate flame sensor for maximum reliability. The boiler shall be supplied with a remote tank thermistor for sensing and controlling the hot water storage tank temperature u …Learn More

  • Electric Boilers | Lattner

    Electric Cabinet Style Steam and Hot Water Boilers. 120 kW to 3600 kW. Three standard voltages: 480, 240, and 208. High and low pressure steam and hot water. Highest efficiency. Multiple control options. Download hot water brochure. Download steam brochure. Download warranty.Learn More

  • Water Piping and Pumps - Sigler Commercial

    Oct 19, 2017 · Boiler Hot Water Supply System Pumps Distributes hot and cold water simultaneously Typical Heating and Reverse Return Horizontal Distribution Supply • Return header flow is same direction as supply flow • Water leaves Unit-1 and goes all the way around in returning to sourceLearn More

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